QEW Policy


Quality is our requirement and goal in all operations. We want to carry out construction contracts to the greatest possible satisfaction for our customers. Your needs, requirements and wishes are met by choosing the best possible products, the right service at a satisfactory and reasonable price at the appointed time.

We achieve this goal through:

  • Industry-specific construction techniques and working methods are the basis of our work. Current standards, consideration for existing laws, ordinances and constitutional requirements ensure good quality. This is how we meet the requirements placed on us as a company.

  • Our employees are continuously trained. Appropriate training is determined through assessment interviews to promote each employee's potential. Our competencies are an important component that ensures that we deliver the right quality.

  • During the construction period, we document quality-specific criteria to constantly improve them: work preparation, error analysis, internal control and final control. The scope is determined by the size of the order.


To protect nature and the environment, we take responsibility for the choice of materials and production methods. Through continuing education and knowledge, we try to make environmentally conscious and sustainable decisions.

How we implement the environmental work:

  • Together with our subcontractors, suppliers and partners, we choose environmentally friendly products and services with possible environmental impact. Digital environmental databases are used for selection.

  • Our employees are trained and motivated to carry out their work in a sustainable way with regard to the environment.

  • We place demands on our subcontractors and suppliers to ensure environmentally friendly measures and sustainability.

  • Our management system monitors all processes, including environmental aspects, and strives for a continuous improvement of a sustainable execution of all work processes with regard to nature and the environment.

 Work environment

TEWAB values and wants to promote the health of its employees.
We want to end each working day accident-free and injury-free. Our Workplaces must be safe and well-organized for the health of our employees.

How we do achieve this goal:

  • we comply with the laws, regulations, standards and requirements that are customary according to the specifications of the authorities and the construction industry

  • our employees are trained in the field of occupational safety

  • our construction sites are monitored for cleanliness and order to comply with safety regulations

  • all accidents and incidents are carefully investigated and risk analyzes are performed to create professional action plans. This continuously reduces the risks.

  • a safe work environment is a topic at all team meetings. Employees' physical, mental and social concerns are taken into account through preventive measures. At the temporary workplaces, ongoing coordination talks are held as well as construction service talks to carry out risk analyzes and for coordination.

  • we want to ensure a good working environment at all construction sites. Our occupational safety requirements apply to suppliers and subcontractors. Protective measures as well as occupational safety and QEW plans are documented.